Court regulations

Use of the courts

  • The first and second courts are only to be used by senior members
  • Junior members may play on courts 3,4,5 and 6 until 18:00
  • After 18:00 juniors – between 12 & 18 years – may play with a senior member on courts 3,4,5 and 6.
  • After 18:00 juniors – younger than 12 – may play with a senior member on courts 5 and 6.
  • If the first and second courts are unoccupied and senior members are on courts 3,4,5 or 6, the juniors may request these members to move to courts 1 or 2 to enable them to play on the courts designated for the youth.
  • Court number 6 is reserved for lessons, for juniors also court number 5 can be used for lessons

Tennis clothing
White tennis clothing and official tennis shoes are required.

Signing up for a court
To reserve a court, sign up on the blackboard with your full name and begin and end time by the available court.  Even if the courts are not being used, one is required to sign up.  For the youngest members, we ask that an adult helps them.
Two people may sign up to play singles for 30 minutes, 3 or 4 people may play for 45 minutes.  If all the courts are taken, then one should sign up for the court where the players have been the longest.

All members may bring the same person as a guest three times per season.  There is a sign-up book behind the buffet and the charge is € 7.50 per time, with the exception that juniors may bring a guest during the week until 18:00 for no charge.  Payment should be made to the person behind the bar.

Court  Preparation
One must always even out the gravel with the nets which are on the courts after each session of play.

Tennis balls
At Park Marlot tennis balls are provided for the members.  You may pick them up at the bar and should be put back after you finish.  Should you lose a ball, we ask that you pay € 1,00 at the bar.

Telephoning in the park
So that one does not disturb other club members , we ask that you make and receive all telephone calls behind the clubhouse, by the stairs or on the grass field.  In other words, not in bar area, the terrace,  or the pathways behind the courts.    Therefore please keep your telephone on quiet or even turned off.

The Park
Much time and energy is spent on the garden, as well as the general appearance of the park, i.e. the courts,  the terrace furniture and the fencing .  It is therefore expected of our members that they realize this and use the club and the surroundings in a responsible manner.  We also ask that you always take into account other people at the club.  Children may play on the grass field next to court 1, but may not hinder the tennis players.

The club, the tennis trainers and the buffet personnel are not responsible for members’ belongings.  Parents and coaches are expected to keep an eye on their own children.

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